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Whoa....Emma, hop on him???!!!:D I am so glad to see that you have that lovin' feeling again......I think that this has some definite potential but let's hold off on the hopping on him for a little bit, okay?? (BTW, I have missed you too!!:angel: )

Yup.....seems like there is definitely some mutual interest here!!!;) And I couldn't be happier that it's happening to you!!! It's about time!!!

I say just stay cool and keep smiling and showing interest. Eventually one of you is going to have to make a move and take a risk of disclosing an interest in it going further than just helping one another out at work. And if you are up to it I say go for it......suggest that you have lunch together or grab a coffee together on one of your breaks. Then try to steer it outside of definitely don't want everyone else at work getting involved in anything before it takes off.

I guess it's good that the two of you work only part-time somebody you work with does have it's disadvantages too especially if things were not to go too well and you were forced to resume working with one another again. I did date somebody from work but it was at a restaurant and we worked in different areas. How about you two??? It sounds as if you work in close proximity to one another.

Don't want to rain on your parade just don't want you hurting all over again. If you can see yourself working with him no matter how things go then I say you have nothbing to lose. Go for it and I look forward to watching from the sidelines on how things proceed from here!! I'm keeping my fingers & toes crossed for you, Emma!!:)

(((HUGS))) ~ Goody:wave:

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