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[QUOTE=WhiteLily]Sorry honey but I am going to be honest...First of all, you are more concenred about a picture of a nude woman in his room, than you seem to be about him drinking, speeding up and exposing people to danger, etc...hmmm are you sure you were put off by his "irreligious" revelations or only by insecurity?
I can't also understand why you would be with him in his room, if you were that religious yourself?

And why to date someone who is unstable? Not only that, and also rush to his house after two weeks???!!!![/QUOTE]

I think you need to understand the facts first.

I wrote my original post before I had broken it off with him. At that point he did not threaten to "drink himself to sleep" or go off speeding and putting people in danger. Obviously, if I had known he was like that before it would have made my decision alot easier! And it did in the end.

As we had only dated for about two weeks..I only recieved snippets of his personality. So...the fact that he mislead me into thinking he was a strong Christian...but then over the few dates he had showed no sign of that being true. I was more concerned about that rather than insecruity.

Why was I in his room? To clear that up...he picked me up from my house to go to a birthday party and he said he wanted to "drop in home" and introduce me to his parents. I was a little...awkward about that, and I told him this but I was in his car and didnt feel like saying "Turn the car around!". I was honest though. I told him I wasnt sure about it and that he wouldnt be meeting my parents for awhile if we continued dating. That, for me, takes time. I ended up in his room? Well, he showed me around the house and he took me to his room. I was just standing in the doorway looking in. The door was still open. We were on our way to a birthday so it wasnt like we had time to "hang out". I didnt go IN his room, but I stood in the doorway to at least look interested!

It was a long night last night...I recieved alot of text messages and a call at 3:30am ... and well, put it this way, I am very glad I ended it.

Thank you guys for all your opinions and encouragement, it really helped me to do it.

I'm a "mother" at heart and I think he could sense that and was trying to make me feel guilty throughout the whole thing.
He would apologise for making me feel bad...but then do it all over again! It just got crazy.

I do know...that I was honest the whole way through and I did treat with with respect. I prayed with his mother who is suffering from bi-polar and I was there for him in this time. At the end of it all, I just told him that I hope he grows in his relationship with God and that he looks after himself.

I feel good about how I handled it.

Thank you guys!

Gosh...I am so glad to be out of it. He keeps sending me stupid text messages. I had been so kind the whole time..but enough is enough. The guy had a mohawk when we met and during our dating time he cut it off. He claimed he didnt do it for me...and..welll...I never asked him to do it! Now he is sending messages saying "I am getting my mohawk back. I'm getting it done tonight :-("

Enough with the guilt trips...

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