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im really upset and i just need to get it all out. ive been with my boyfriend for 10 months, today. i love him more than anything but lately he hasent been the way he used to be. he reads my myspace messages, but dosent respond, he never calls back when he says he will,he dosent say " i love you" anymore, hes not as cuddely and loving like he used to be and i just feel unloved. i think it all started a couple weeks before school ended. he was busy so we didnt see eachother for 2 weeks, except at school. after school ended he went on vacation with his family for ten days. he didnt call me once. he said he couldnt call me because of roaming charges and i was costing him money by calling him and he got mad/annoyed. but i didnt know that his phone charged for me making calls. i understand he was on vacation and busy but couldnt he of called me just once to tell me that he couldnt talk because his phone cost too much money?anyways. when he came back from vacation, he was supposed to stay with my family and i at at fair in our trailer. my parents bought him a pass, so he could get in the fair everyday for free and get on the rides and stuff. they even rented him a hotel inside the fair to stay in. his mom said he could stay with us and that it was ok..but when i called him the first day i was at the fair, because he was supposed to come the next day(he didnt) things were going great until he said " i think we should just be friends" i got really upset and blah blah blah. but then after a while, he said we could start over.. i was releived, but still felt something was wrong. i just wanted to see him to make sure.( by then i havent hung out with him for a month) but when i called him from the fair, everyday for the week i was there, to see when he was coming, but he was making excuses saying he couldnt come because of his mom or something. and then after he got sick. but i later i heard he was just hanging out with friends. i dont care that he is hanging out with friends, i just wish he would tell me hes hanging out with friends, instead of lying to me. when i confront him about it or say " if you do you dont want to come, you dont have to... i dont want to be forcing you" he gets mad and says that i dont trust him. but i do.. i just dont know what to do. what am i doing wrong?

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