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I agree with the previous poster, the right girl will come along when you least expect it. im with a guy now who i know i cant be with..he broke my heart and plays these little games and he cheats and lies and everything else..the problem with me is im 9 months pregnant with his child, due next week so i havent been able to go out anywhere at all to meet people..but ur right, you can not change people..they can only change themselves and thats only if they want to, which many people, unfortunately, dont. You should tell this girl you dont want communication with her..its nearly impossible to have strong feelings for someone and be "friends"..i know i wont be able to be friends with my bf when it ends although if he wants in his child's life, we will have to communicate, which will be hard to do. You may have the same problem i do..when i have feelings for someone and i meet other people, i just compare them and since my feelings are so strong, no one can compare but i need to learn to stop doing that because i always ran away from every other guy except him and i hate myself for it now because the other guys were all very nice and honest and everything and the one i didnt run away from ended up being a jerk and breaking my heart and i ended up pregnant to him..but believe me, give it time and you will meet someone. it might not happen over night but when you meet her, the wait will be worth it! and i know how you feel about all your friends having gf's..all my friends are engaged or happy with their boyfriends and then there's me! but i know eventually ill find someone nice..i just have to be patient...i hope everything works out for you!

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