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When you smoke and drink excessively, it is pretty much true that you stay the same age as when you started. That was a very insightful statement.

This guy is very immature. At his age, all he probably does think about is sex. Especially if he has that attitude. And he won't even meet your mom? That means he's not looking for any kind of committment with you. Or he is scared because in his mind he knows that all he wants you for is sex, so he'd feel guilty meeting your mom. He might not even know it himself that is why he's scared.

When he says "that is so gay" what he really means is "I'm too immature and I have too low of self esteem to show my emotions that way." Or even worse, what he really means "that is gay because we aren't having sex when we kiss in public and the only physical interaction I want with you is sexual activity in private where we can get it on. If not, then it is gay." He thinks being romantic is lame because that doesn't cause him to get his jollies off.

I think that sticking with this guy might have a bad affect on your self esteem and who you are as a person and even your own maturity level and your ability to mature. I know this from experience. I always tend to date the "bad boys" myself. If you want affection, romance and all of that, you're not going to get it from this guy. There are plenty of boys out there who would love to hold your hand and meet you mom and do all of the fun romantic things you do in a relationship. Wouldn't it be great to find one of them?

Be young and have fun! He is just going to bring you down.

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