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He's making you be the one who has to make all of the changes about yourself as a condition of getting back together. But his expectations are totally unrealistic.

Listen. This guy is such a jerk, I can't believe you're even contemplating staying with him. He has already put you through the ringer this entire time you've been living together but not dating, and now you want to put up with more? WHY?

Cut your losses and start over again. You've wasted enough time with this shmuck who doesn't even deserve someone as patient as you are. You have so much to offer someone but this loser doesn't see past his own insecurity and faults to see it in you.

When you find the right guy, he's not going to keep putting all of these conditions on you and try to change you. He's going to love you as is. He's going to say that you're the best thing that has everhappened to him and he's going to mean it and you're going to know it's true because he's going to show you how he feels through his actions and words.

But this guy is a lost cause. Please don't allow yourself to waste anymore time on him because this will only continue to get worse for you. Your best chance for your own happiness is to move out and start over again. Please don't stay somewhere with someone who doesn't love you and treats you so badly that you end up getting sick over it. That's very unhealthy and not fair to you.

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