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In a word, no. But like it has been pointed out above, everyone's situation is different. I used to hang out with my ex earlier on in my current relationship, and I did it for several reasons. I knew he still liked me and wanted me back, and I got off on knowing that and being able to tease him. Plus I had fun with him as a 'friend.' This was before I grew up and realized what a total moron I was. I used to exclaim to my boyfriend about how I was hanging out with my ex and how much he still wanted if this was something my boyfriend really [I]wanted[/I] to hear. Finally I got the memo that this was hurting him and I stopped talking to or going near my ex, infact I stopped going out at all, period.

I would think that in most cases it is going to be a sore spot for people to know their SO talks to and/or hangs out with a person they used to be (and could possibly still be, even faintly) attracted to, in love with, and intimate with. I think when it comes down to it, it is a matter of respect to cut your exes out of the picture once you have a new serious relationship. As selfish as I am, I could have ignored or discounted how my boyfriend felt about me still seeing my ex, but I knew I loved my boyfriend more than anything and I had no right to do that to him. I could never feel "right" knowing that he was out there doing his thing while I was hanging out in some bar letting my ex flirt with me. No way. And the truth is I am much better off with my ex completely out of my life, anyway.

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