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[QUOTE=Destea]Maybe it's just me but the thought of hanging out w/ a girl who had my fiances *ehem* in her at any point in her life really just isn't at the top of my list of "to dos" :) ew ew ew!

thanks for all of your posts and responses :)

i had to laugh when i read this because this is EXACTLy how i feel with the guy i am with now! not usually though, with the other guys i have dated i had very little jealousy towards any women in their lives.....there is a lot of chemistry and love as well as passion in the current relationship i am in....but we can be like oil and fire as well.....explosive.....i think that issues in this area vary not only from person to person but from relationship to relationship!

i would love to hear more guys opinions....i have had some boyfriends that couldnt stand any of my exes and others who couldnt care less saying "the past is the past"...

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