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[QUOTE=Podee]It's all out in the open and this is the way it is! And it's beautiful let me tell you.

And I disagree, there are harems out there with one man and dozens of often througout history have women had that? About never.[/QUOTE]

What does that have to do with this thread? Anyone who lives by one standard for themselves and expects others to live by another standard is a hypocrite and not deserving of respect, in my opinion. Including the original poster's boyfriend, who sounds to me like a hypocritical and controlling scumbag. Why would you take him back? You can't stand the idea of his cheating, and now he's already started putting a guilt trip on you about sex? Honestly, he sounds like a huge loser, and I can't imagine that just about any other boyfriend you could find wouldn't treat you a lot better. This relationship, to be honest, seems to hold very little probability of ever making you feel truly happy and secure, the way everyone deserves to feel when they are in love and committed. You really deserve about a million times better treatment than this, and anyone who tells you that YOU are the one with the problem and that YOU just need to move on is giving you detrimental and inaccurate advice.

And by the way, women want harems too and plenty of us have them in one way or another, because unlike most men want to believe, desirable woman can and do get sex at the drop of a hat. We just don't always confide these things to petty insecure men who think in the same sexist, controlling, and insecure way you are describing above. Men who think women love monogamy by nature are fools who will someday find out how wrong they are just when they least expect and just when it hurts most. And everyone who is a hypocrite and lives by a double standard deserves to be let down in my book, as those people are the ones who try to ruin things for everyone else.

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