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[QUOTE=loveless147]The doctor that evaluated me did say that I had very minor bi-polar, and I felt great on the meds...when I went off of them for a bit, I went back to being on edge and angry, so going off the meds is a problem....BUT if it is effecting my sex drive, then THAT is a problem too!!!!

Before the meds I went violent I just cry. :| This type of behaviour runs in the family, but I hate it...I want so bad to just be normal.

Another thing, PLEASE be straight with me. I do want help with this and I like to read other's viewpoints.[/QUOTE] Well the way I see it is you do see that you have a problem which you do need the meds for. You have to remember that there are many different meds that will assist you and some that will not affect your sex drive.

I am glad that your husband is supportive that really makes a world of difference.

One question I do have is have you been evaluated by a psychiatrist or was it your GP or Ob/gyn who perscribed your meds. The reason I ask is that I think that since this is an ongoing issue that a psychiatrist is the only one who can properly diagnose and perscribe the right meds that will be effective and also take into consideration your decreased sexual drive. I think it's time to get an appointment with the doctor and make the changes you need in your meds so that your marriage does not have such strain upon it. The thing I have learned is if you ARE Bipolar you have to take your meds or the disorder takes over and will really have a negative impact on all relationships you may have whether it be with a spouse, child, friend or coworker.

Ask your husband what he really thinks of your behavior when you are bet is that he is going to agree that you need some help.;)

There is alot of info over on the Bipolar board.....pop over there if you have any questions regarding meds or what you are experiencing.

(((HUGS))) ~ Goody:angel:

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