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Cheating and love
Jul 16, 2006

About 4 years ago I was engaged to be married. Shortly before my wedding, my fiance cheated on me with a coworker. It was not a one time thing, and he fell in love with her and left me. We had been together for 5 years. They are now married and have a baby girl together.

A few months after he left me, I met someone who I really fell for. The feeling seemed mutual and very powerful. HOwever, I was not ready for anything serious at the time and so we never really dated or had any sort of relationship, but maintained a casual friendship (we have several friends in common). He moved away for grad school for about 2 years, but is now back. Since he has been back, there has been some serious emotional connection between us. He has said and done many things that have indicated he still has a thing for me. However, he also has a girlfriend that he has been with for about a year and a half. I do not know his girlfriend, but have met her on a few occasions. Whenever she was around, he seemed nervous to be around me. Recently, we were talking and he tried to kiss me. I didn't let him and said I can't do this because he has a gf. We talked for a bit, and that was it. I know I did the right thing because he has a girlfriend, but I can't help but still have feelings for him. I would never do anything as long as he has a girlfriend, but I also can't help but think about what would happen if they broke up. Would he be someone I could never trust? Or is he just truly struggling with a variety of feelings/emotions?

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