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[QUOTE=Veronica_Mars] To me, a doormat kind of guy is pathetic, effeminite, and completely unappealing sexually. But some women LOVE men who are always calling, fawning over them, sending gifts and letters, etc. and would be unhappy with anything less. [/QUOTE]

I think I know what type you're talking about, and I agree that it's not appealing. However, there are guys who act consistently interested and not effminate or wimpy at all. I know my ex boyfriend used to be like that. He was far from effeminate, though. I guess it's all in the delivery, for example, even though he called me every day and I saw him frequently, he didn't act clingy at all and didn't use all these flowery words that that type of guys you describe usually use. Chemistry also has a lot to do with it, I would say. While seeing/talking to one guy every day would make you run for the hills, you might enjoy the company and conversation of another that you're actually looking forward to talking/spending time with him. I have to say, I can only take the lovey-dovey behavior in very small doses--that's why I think if you're with a guy who you genuinely like and who maybe even teases you in a playful way and jokes with you, it's not boring at all. I talk to some friends every day and I'm not bored with them, while with others I don't have the need to talk on a consistent basis. So, having said all that, I wish you a fun date tomorrow, Citygirl! Hope Flake Boy shows up and entertains you like he should!

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