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Seriously? If this guy is blocking you from his chat thingy, then you need to just quit talking to him. And why are you waiting around for him to change his mind? He's trying to be nice and not hurt your feelings by telling you flat out that he's not interested. But you're making it really hard by going behind his back and accusing him of being a jerk, which he is NOT.

You need to seriously do yourself a favor and buy the book called "He's Just Not That Into You." by Greg Berendt. If you read this book, you will understand that this guy has made it perfectly clear that he is not interested, but you keep pushing him just to have him in your life at all. Hey, I've been there, too. I used to do that ALL the time with guys when I was growing up. But I ended up hurting ALL the time because I'd wait around for them, and they would never come around, and then I'd see them with all these different girls that weren't me, and it killed me! But I did it to myself because I allowed myself to be put in that position.

You need to seriously move on and find a guy that actually wants to be with you. The longer you stay clingy with this guy, the more upset you will be. You will NEVER be happy as long as you keep being clingy with him That is guaranteed. You want to be miserable forever? Then go ahead and keep being his friend. But if you want to start feeling happy again, then forget about this guy and find someone that is interested in you and who won't block you from chatting with him online.

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