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Help- any insight would be helpful.. any advice would be appreciated.

I went to a party for his best friend on Sunday and the next day I sensed something was wrong. After much coaxing I found out that while I stood 10 feet away, a friend of his told him that I wasn’t “worthy” to be his girlfriend and he was way more attractive than me.

His reaction was to say that I was beautiful and that he loved me. She then said, “well, I just don’t see it.” After this exchange (and additional insults from her) they went on to talk of other subjects.

After this conversation, he still mingled at the party and even talked to her later that night. I was getting bad vibes all night from this woman who was glaring at me.

The following day after our conversation his other friend said that “he doesn’t think I like him because I sat on a table by myself later that night.” – even though I’ve started conversations with this guy many times.

I’m frustrated and hurt. I don’t want to deal with his mean friends, and I don’t want to sit at home while he goes out drinking with them.

Please give me advice on what I can do. I am so hurt that it is hard to even hold his hand without looking at a guy who didn’t tell this woman off immediately…. Something I think should be a no-brainer.

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