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I know we all wanna be stood up for--but it just doesn't always happen in social situations.... case in point..

When young guy and I were dating--the first time around) a couple of his friends would tell me I could do way better. That he was a jerk. A drunk. Too young for me. You name it.

I didn't say much b/c I knew it was their feeling about him--not mine. (well, I knew they were right sometimes too lol) But anyway, my point is--I wanted to be with him, I was choosing to be with him, and it made me feel weird to try and 'plead my case' to someone that obviously didn't like him very much. I just felt they were entitled to their opinion I guess and took mental note that they were kinda two faced--the ones who would act like they liked him in the next breath to his face.

It could just be that and wanted to offer another side.

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