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Thank you everybody, Stacy and Sophia, your words are always encouraging and they make me smile.
Bullet, I am grateful to you too for your honest opinion, but let me explain this: Although I do want to break up with him desperately and actually working on it, I still want it to be on civil terms and with the least hurt possible. I am only a human and I can't help feeling upset, can't imagine them together like a family, it sucks to think that she will be going out with him (ferries and fun) and I am denied this right with someone I lived/slept with for 3.5 years! He will be with them overnight...and with all the excitement of not having seen each other and his son....YIKES (I have butterflies in my stomach already). She is desperate for him and she will do almost ANYthing to get him back. She will look fresh (must have saved for coming here, and although I know i am far younger and quite pretty, people say, I have run out of money already because the rent I have paid is out of this world, so I feel in a way insecure and stuck psychologically)...
I am speaking about someone who thinks that I am *racially* inferior to her German blood :) despit all the other things that I have to offer any man. She said it in the RUDEST ways possible. She said that only someone like me will tolerate him with the same cloths on for 4 nights, when he once ended staying up at my place (unexpectedly and unprepared so it was like he had no shirts etc) when he was supposed to go back home (before we lived together)
She is someone who told him in one email that she still imagine him between her l---, I swear!How sick is that?
I know it is HIS choice not to have showed her her limits from the start but it still sucks. I hate her thinking " I broke them" although your words make a lot of sense. She is coming at a very awful time.

Regarding my friend, she has called me at 12 midnight, 1am, 6 am (like 10 times a day) when she needed my help, and I was there for her but she would be sitting there surfing the net, talking about funny sites, etc, suggesting to rest....I am very hardworking in nature (which I hate) and normally her company gets on my nerves...and now she's saying this crap of wasiting time just because I didn't do the impossible for her. She is so ungrateful and I am glad to be away from her. Actually, I went out with her not out of choice but because of need of friendship. She is jealous because she has not yet had her masters although we were sponsored exactly at the same year. So the best way to loook at her behaviour is to recognise that she has issues and that I should feel sorry for her.

Anyway, thanks guys for all the opinions. Will have to think of a way to avoid seeing this ex drama.

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