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i'll keep this as short as possible.
i caught my boyfriend of 2 years talking to an ex girlfriend of his on instant messager. i'd describe myself as a jealous person at times... but this really bothered me a lot. she's beautiful....i didn't know much about her but i know she cheated on him (which is why they broke up) but it still bothered me that she was talking to him. i mentioned it to him, he swore they weren't talking... even communiating hardly at all. Well i recently saw a comment from her on his myspace page. I asked him again about it, he said "so what." i brought it up again...because he was acting strange when i brought her name up, and he said "fine, if you dont believe that we hardly ever talk, look at my instant messager history." (the program we use defaults to saving the convos you have). so i reluctantly pulled up his conversations with her on his computer and it turned into reading something that made me want to puke.
apparently they had been talking every day for the past 3 weeks or so.. the conversations started out as innocent catching up... which led into remniscing about old times... and him telling her she still looked really good and that he wasn't hitting on her when he said that but then says "or maybe i was lol ;-)"... and that her hair looks good long and dark like it was when they were dating....
what killed me was not all this little stuff they flirted about back and forth, what really got to me was how when they were talking about their time together back when they dated, he says "I wish you would have changed your mind back then. ::sniffle sniffle::"

that killed me.

to me, that meant he wishes he was with her instead of me.

the whole time i was reading this, he sat there like a dog with his tail between his legs.

he was busted... after lying to me and telling me they dont talk online... not only do they talk, but HE was the one initiating the conversations with her.

the last few conversations were worst than the first ones.... so I wonder, i really wonder what this might have led up to if i hadn't had busted him?

I dont want to let something like this come between us, and i know it could have been a lot worse.... but... now i feel as if i cant' trust him.

he deleted her from his myspace, and he claims that he deleted her from his instant message too... he apologized and said he was dumb.. he said seeing her name made him act like he did when he was 19 again.

the thing i'm relieved about is that he didn't actually cheat... but who's to say he wouldn't take it that far?

Am I overreacting? what should I do?

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