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I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year now and it seems that every other month I get really paranoid and think that she wants to end it but she’s afraid to say anything as she’ll hurt me.
She always tells me that she loves me and I mean the world to her, as I do the same to her. I think she’s amazing.
However at times I feel that she has to fit me in with the rest of her life. I’ve talked to her about this and she says that she’ll try to change but she says that I like to plan things to much and need to let her be more spontaneous.
This has all come into my mind as she’s away on holiday at the moment with friends and it was planned that she would be away for 2 weeks, she phoned me yesterday and said that she would be coming back 2 days later and the day that she comes back she will be at a party that night. I would have thought she’d of wanted to see me.
So what am I asking here?
Am I being paranoid? Should I give her, her space? Do I need her more than she needs me?
I don’t really know, I’m just looking for advice.
Cheers people
I would think you are being a bit paranoid. Yoru girlfriend sounds independant and like she has lots of friends, there is nothing wrong with that! Of course she should make time for you, but there is nothing wrong with her wanting to spend time with friends or going away on a holiday with them. It sounds like you aren't very confident or independant, and that cuold be a problem. Do you have your own friends to hang out with or do you just wait around to hang out with her. You really should do your own things to, have your own interests and friends. You may end up pushing her away if you are too clingy. As for her never inviting you out when she goes out, I can see both sides of that one. Sure she should probaly invite you out occasionally, but definitely not all the time as she has a right to girls nights. But if you were to go out with her, how would you act? would you socialize or would you expect her to be glued to your side all night? That could be why you aren't getting any invites, because she knows you are a bit clingy and just wants to be able to chat with people and not feel like she needs to take care of you. I have no idea if you are like this but it could be a reason. Regardless, unless she is giving you clear signals that something is wrong, why worry about it? Get out there and have some of your own fun, don't be so available to her all the time, and see what happens.

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