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Bracelet - I can totally relate to you! I had a boyfriend who did the same thing. We met through an on-line dating site and dated for about 9 months. He took his profile down on the site we met each other on. However, he contiued to post on other dating sites and chat on-line with other girls. My boyfriend told me he did it for an ego boost (like what Lady's brother said). It came to a point that I didn't know if I could trust him. I said to myself, "why be in a relationship with a man I cannot trust?" How did I know that he wouldn't go to meet one of these girls in the future? Everytime I didn't hear from him, I wondered if he was out with another girl.

ladyofkypros - I want to ask you - what made you look on this sex site also? Usually you have to create an account to even look at the profiles. How did you see the pictures of your boyfriend on this site without an account? Also, did you have reason to suspect your boyfriend would have a profile on this site?
Perhaps you were curious about this site just as your boyfriend may have been? Maybe he posted just so he could see who else is on the site. Who knows? I am just exploring all the avenues. But I do agree with the other posters, you have every right to be weary.

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