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Oh boy, I have got some major issues with this one. I broke up with my last boyfriend because he was on one of those sites! He was on that one as well as at least 4 other dating sites, while we were still together! We had been dating for about 5 years when I found the first one on a regular dating site. Then I found him on the other ones. How did I know? Because he neglected to delete his internet history, so when I went to use his computer, I saw the links.

Anyway, when I confronted him, he totally lied and said that the only reason he was on there was because his best friend was on there and having trouble with some of the girls being mean or something so he signed up to hassle them back. I said - then why did you put all of your true info on there and a real picture? If you were just going on there to mess around to defend your pathetic loser friend then why not use a fake profile and a fake picture? He said because the girls always know when it's fake and they won't talk to him. (can I roll my eyes now?).

I was an IDIOT and I stayed with him for another 3 years after that. Until I got a hold of his email password and saw he was corresponding with these girls he met from various personal sites, and that he was telephoning a few of them! Oh man! I hit the roof!

I finally had enough after 8 years of being abused by this complete and total loser and I broke up with him. He kept making excuses, but I'd had enough. The one that really threw me was the sex site profile, because he actually posted pics of his naked weewee for all the world to see. I was like - ew that's disgusting, I can't believe you would even think about doing that on a public website!!

Anyway.... My point to you is, if you found him on there and he's with you now but he hasn't deleted his profile, then he's a scumbag and you have to break up with him. It doesn't matter what his excuse it (he forgot, he didn't realize it was still there, he didn't think it was important, blah blah blah) all of it is a crock of BS. You and I and all of the other formerly-been-cheated-on women in this world deserve a hell of a lot better than some pathetic loser guy who begs for sex on an internet personals site. Come on, seriously. Let's think about this: How many of us rational sane women who respect ourselves would even consider posting a profile on a trashy site like that? I'd say probably none of us. Because we're not idiots like these guys are.

I know you want to think the best of him and you don't want to consider that he might be cheating on you. But I'm tellling you from experience that these things don't ever get better. They only get worse, the longer you let it go on. Oh, so this guy I just told you about that I broke up with, he's married now. And guess what? His profile is still up on at least 3 of the 5 websites that he was on before. He never even took them down when he got married. Goes to show that a leopard never changes his spots. Once a cheater, always a cheater. And that's all I have to say about that.

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