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Ok, here's the story. I date this girl very seriously for nearly 3 and 1/2 years. During that time we had seriously considered getting married, starting a family, the whole bit. I decided at that time that I wasn't ready for it and I asked to breakup for awhile and we did.

During that breakup time, we remained friends, but it wasn't really a friendship. What happened was we were really trying to get each other back...When we first broke up it was her trying to get me back for months even while I was seriously seeing someone else. Then I wanted her back and she didn't want that, then she wanted me back again, etc, etc. A real mess is really what it was.

Then she starts dating this guy, but she isn't sure how he feels about her and she isn't sure how she feels about him. Truth was, she was still not over me. She came to me numerous times to get me back, we even fooled around while she was seeing this guy, she even told me things like we would get married someday and that she just needed to get this 'out of her system'.

What ended up happening was that as they started to get more serious, I started realizing how much I had to lose again. I started wanting her back even more, but now she liked this guy and wouldn't even barely return phone calls anymore. I tried numerous times to get her on the phone, left her voicemails, text messages, even spoke to her mom!

So last night was the kicker. I get a phone call from her now boyfriend! He calls me up and says that I need to let her go and move on! I was like, why are u telling me this and not her? Cause she never made it clear to me that I needed to stop calling...for all I know she wasn't even dating you anymore and she was just angry at me! He tried to be a little tough guy, but when he heard how angry I was gettin' he immediately took the more serious, sincere approach and tried to reason with me...telling me that maybe she will call and break it to me, maybe not, its up to her.

I told him that this had nothing to do with him, I don't even know him. All I was trying to do was get back my offense, I'll leave you be and I'll respect you.

However, when I got off that phone, I was really very angry! :mad:

I mean, how cowardly do you have to be to have your bf call me up to tell me these things? Don't she have a spine enough to call me and tell me? She could have ended this crap a year ago!!! Why didn't she? And didn't she even think for a minute that I could have sunk their whole ship by me telling him they we had messed around while they were dating? I mean, how foolish can a person be? She basically cheated on him or at the very least wasn't completely honest about what we did!

I just don't get this...I'm very angry, hurt at how this whole thing ended, and I feel a sense of confusion! I feel like I should call him back and tell him what we did! Would that be going overboard? What do you guys think? I mean, since he was tough guy enough to call me then he should know the whole truth about what happened right? And she deserves to get caught don't you think?

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