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My situation
Jul 22, 2006
i was friends with this guy online for a while there were times that we would loose contact about a year or two then he would come back and would carry a friendship. to make the long story short. i had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship with a guy and had a relationship with my guy friend. everything was going so good he was so sweet, caring, showed he cared so much. i actually travled to go and see him. We had a good time. At that time i was still going to college. I became really vaurnable with my previous relationship that i had it with being taking advantage of. So i met my current boyfriend we did a whole lot of talking i was told by him to go finish school and come back again and see where we wanted to go with the relationship. after i came back from my trip our problems started. we would have arguements that led us not talking to one another we had broken up so many times and got back together again it happend for 2 year actually. This has been going on about 3 years actually. Until one day i came home from work spoke to him about 45 minutes he ended up dumping me and said its best to date other people. i cried and begged for him not to do it. And when i called him the next day he told me he was on a date and we would talk later. he came back again assuming that we had a relationship going. ( now i understand that this was long distance the distance was getting to us both that it had gotten way out of hand for us) i mean i thought this was the guy i was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with him i loved him so much that i would had done anything for him and him taking advantage of our 4 year relationship it hurt me so so much. i moved on dating another guy i thought our relationship was over. he came online one night we started chatting i told him that it was over and was seeing someone else and was better for him to leave. Cause we wont get anywhere like this. we both got devsated. he took it so hard. it was so hard for him to accept it. i felt bad for dumping him. so i agreed to be friends with him but our contact would had gotten smaller and smaller i got engaged to my boyfriend. when i told my ex he got devastated again. ( i just dumped my ex-bf and 2 months after we had gotten engaged w/o healing from it.) i was still friends with the ex for a while but bearly spoke. i had gotten married and moved on with my life without thinking clearly because i didnt want to get hurt again so i moved on fast. after i got married. and when he heard the news he started to get really strange with me. he made me life hell after 1 year of being married. that my husband was fixing to divorce me. i had gotten help from my friends and into talking to him for leaving me alone. he was cuse me out saying that my marriage wouldn't work he would had gotten nasty with me. and now he recently got married. and now we are not on speaking terms anymore. he used me, he took advanatage of our relationship, he bearly told me he loved me and i got so mad and angry at him that it hurted so much to talk to him about these stuff because i now myself am shocked. shocked on where i went wrong. and what happend to the friendship we use to have. i know that i 'm never going to hear from him. and now after this many years it still hurts so much. i'm just clueless. i really am. this isn't the guy that i once knew anymore i dont know what happened to him anymore, and now i'm still coping with it. i want to be able to reconsile with him and to talk about our issue's that we had but if i start it now then it will never end because i know in the long run i will be hurting again and again. i changed my email addrss and everything. he knows how to find me if he wants to talk to me. or should i wait for him to make the first move. please if anyone can relate to this i'd really appreciate it on if someone told me how to handel this kind of situation i'd really appreciate it.

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