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ok so here is the problem, one day I was using my boyfriends computer and the history of websites popped up and i saw a couple a porn cites......yeah I know!

He is not a pervert or anything and i don't know how normal it is for guys to look at porn even though they have girlfriends.

Well I was disturbed by that so later that night i confronted him about those pron cites because i dont understand why he would want to look at that when he has me. I would rather look at porn together then him by himself just because i think thats weird. After i confronted him he thought i was gonna judge him and all that jazz, but i just wanted to know why he would even want to look at porn.

I have never been an insecure person because i trust easily. but am i just being too insecure or does anybody understand my point?

Well now those insecurities have gotten worse and I am constantly wondering if he still looks at it and i dont want to be that type of girlfriend who is constantly checking up on her boyfriend because i have a life too, and i trust him alot, but the thought just grosses me! How can I handle this situation?

Thoughts & Ideas from both males and females are great appreciated, Thanks!

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