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In my last thread, titled "Ive never been hurt like this before" ([url][/url])
I described how my boyfriend had gotten back in touch with one of his ex's, and was flirting inappropriately on instant message conversations.

For 4 days, I didn't know what to do.... I was so angry... I didn't even want to see his face. I was crying at the drop of a hat, hardly eating, and hardly sleeping. So we were on a break until I was able to get over the anger.

The break lasted 4 days, which is a lot shorter than I anticipated. After praying about it, something broke in me...I suddenly had a complete change of heart and I wanted an explaination from him... I was finally willing to listen. So I emailed him....I told him I needed to know what I wasn't doing enough of... asked him what he was missing in our relationship. 3 hours later after no response I text messaged him by phone.... and he came over so we could talk. He arrived with flowers, and we flew into each other's arms and stood there hugging (and me crying) for what seemed like hours (which was only a total of about 5 minutes). We ended up talking for 3 hours in the driveway... he explained that she means nothing to him.... that they didn't even ever date... and he doens't know why he said the things he did. He said that maybe it was an ego thing and he wanted to see what she'd say back. He even shredded their photos in his paper shredder.

So... I forgave him...

He looked me with tears in his eyes, grabbed my hands, and said "this is my deepest promise to you. I will NEVER do anything like that again to ever hurt you. And I will love you forever."

Now, ladies.... we've been together 2 years... he has never given me a reason to not trust him before now.... but am I being too easy by taking him back and pretending nothing ever happened?

Was it really THAT big of a deal to catch up with an ex, who wasn't even an ex? He realizes that he crossed a line with the things he said.... and he's truly sorry....

I know it's hard to give an opinion without knowing him, but from what I've explained about everything, what do you guys think?

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