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My husband and I are behind on bills by about 2 weeks. I am heading into my 3rd trimester and getting increasingly tired and bigger. My husband's family keeps reminding him about how he will have to give up things when the baby comes but they go way to far and make it sound like everything he cares for will be gone because of the baby including any activites. Now he is spending our money like a crazy person trying to pack in all the fun he can before the baby comes, alone.
My sister's husband is the type who never admits when he is wrong and can be selfish like my husband. She is left home to deal with the kids, bills, housework and for a long time all that plus she was the only one working for a while. He wouldn't watch the kids even though he wasn't working and made no attempt to get a job when they got behind in bills. That was until she told him that he had to watch the kids to save money or get a job. He chose to get a job. He blames her for everything even if the car breaks down. He makes her responsible for finding the money to fix it. My sister is getting so frustrated she is thinking about leaving but really don't want too. She actually believes he will be happier without her. She puts up with it she says because she has argued but he don't get her point and she gets sick of argueing because it falls on deaf ears.
Than there is my friend who is having problems because her and her boyfriend can't communicate and he won't marry her or have a child with her. Than her daughter gets sick and she gets stressed because the Doctor's can't find the problem and they want more testing. She is separated from her daughter's father who now has a new women and kids. She has no custody order in place but she agreed to let the girl see her father on weekends. Now she believes that one of the older kids there touched her daughter inappropriatley and has been for a while.
Everyone is coming to me for advice and I wish I had the right answers! I wish I had the right answers for myself. I have often thought that my husband acts like such a jerk why did he even bother to marry me if he didn't care for me. I even wondered at one time how I could bring a child into the world with a man who can be so selfish! Does anyone have advice for me or for me too give to my sister and friend? Can any guys shed light on the subject of why some men act like the 3 men I have mentioned?

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