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Wow i have an ickle problem..ok sorrythis is soooo long.
bit of info. Split up with my fiancee a year ago after he cheated on me twice in one week with the same girl.. Since we have remained friedns..very close friends but i don't want anything else but we're still best friends.

anyways he has a medical condition and throughout the year othrs with the same condition meet up about times a year. he has become close friends with all of these people over many many number of years. Having been with him i was introduce to these people and got to know them all very well. So about 3 years ago they where having one of there anual meet ups and we where getting picked up by on of them. When we arrived at our destination i realised mmm i kinda like the driver. I think what drew me to him was we where in his bmw and he was looking very very cute... So throughout hte night i was thinking yeah i think i like him and was getting the feeling he kinda liked me to...but it wasn't a i like u so i'm gonna cheat on by bf(i'd never do that). So at other meet ups since it has still felt like we both kinda liked each other, catching each others eye.. So we're meet up once since i split with my ex and he was asking about us and i clearly expressed we where friends. There was flirting thoughtout the night and back at the hotel we sat at hte bar with a few others but he stod beside me and put him arm around the bak of my chair. but nothing so anyone cud say whats going on there. I know that doesn't sound much but it was all how it was done ad eye contact.

So in the last week we have been in contact and its become very clear we like each other. comments like i shouldn't be teasing the guys in my country by not going out or, he was gonna drive an hour and a half to hand deliver a fan cos i was naked and was still hot and just tonight he said something and i said i was gonna go and grab some stranger of the road at this rate. his answer was no no don't do that don't settle for the very best cos ur the first prise...I'd luv to be that man walking down the raod. i replied how long did u say it takes to get to me again and he said leave ur window open ok i better stop now before this turns into a messy situation i replies yea i know what u mean but i'll still leave the window open and he sid yeah do. other times he has sid he better stop before he gets into trouble(be my ex)

sorry this is so long. anyways i'm in two minds as what to do. its clear we like each other. but if i still wasn't best friends with my ex i wudn't care so much but i am. Were all meeting up in 3 weeks and i reckon if at any point we're alone something may happen. so i need advice what sud i do. i basically feel bad. but i shouldn't. I also think he feels the same as in feeling we shouldn't be doing this.

Sorry it ws long thanks for reading.

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