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my boyfriend is one of those 'nice' guys. He's even had a girl break up with him because he was too nice. He's very forgiving. Do you think it's normal for a nice guy like that to be forgiving to the point where he's friends with his ex girlfriends?
We recently had a blowout because he was hiding from me the fact that he was in touch with an ex girlfriend online... his explaination was that he no longer has feelings for her, but he is able to forgive and forget that she hurt him (cheated on him twice). The reason he couldn't tell me is because it's weird to right-out offer the information in the first place, and if he did I'd probably flip out.
I might have... because, I am different with ex's. I don't feel I have any reason to be friends with the one ex I have because he hurt me.

He told me last night when I found out he had been talking online to ANOTHER ex I just found about let alone the one I found out about last week... and he told me that these girls contacted HIM and that he cannot just be like "I have a girlfriend I can't talk to you bye"...
which I can understand. And I can understand why they'd want to contact him even though he has a girlfriend... he's a great friend.
And it's not like I dont trust him...I know he'd never do anything to hurt me.
I guess it's just strange how NICE he is to people who have hurt him!

So what do you guys think? Being friends with ex's okay?
But he wasn't just talking to his ex...he was telling her how good she looked, how much he liked her hair, and how he wished she would have stayed with him. That isn't just talking to somebody because you're too nice to blow them off...that's flirting with someone.

I used to hang with my ex in the beginning of my current relationship. I didn't still have feelings for him, but I liked hanging out with him as a friend. But the moment I realized that bothered my boyfriend, I stopped seeing or talking to my ex and it really is no loss. My boyfriend is #1, and I'm not going to do anything I know hurts him.

[QUOTE]he told me that our relationship means more to him than anything, and that he knew it bothered me that he talked to her, which is why he didnt' tell me[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry, but if he knew it bothered you then he should have just stopped communicating with her - not try to hide it from you. That's deceit. Personally, it doesn't sound like he is completely over his ex. And he isn't willing to put your feelings first. JMO.
Well, I don't know, but my first reaction is that it doesn't sound good that he can be so nice and "understanding" of people who hurt him and cheated on him and yet he's not understanding of the fact that you, his current girlfriend who is committed to him might be uncomfortable with him talking inappropriately with all these ex's. He's not the most sensitive to your feelings, obviously. I don't think you're too demanding, either as I can imagine it would make me upset if a boyfriend of mine wanted to keep in close touch with his ex, esp. one who cheated on him. Does he have no respect for himself?

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