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[QUOTE]If you are good friends and lovers with someone for several years, it's hard to just cut them out of your life if the relationship was good and there aren't hard feelings.[/QUOTE]

Hey, just wanted to pop in and say that I was very good friends with my ex, actually kind of preferred having him as a friend rather than boyfriend. We were very close, had a special bond. However, the moment I realized my boyfriend was unhappy with me still hanging out with my ex, I dropped the ex from my life. No problem. It wasn't that my boyfriend demanded I stop seeing him, I could just tell it made him uncomfortable.

And the funny part is that my boyfriend isn't uptight or insecure - we're swingers, and he likes to see me with other men. But I can understand that me hanging out alone with an ex-boyfriend is an entirely different story. Even though I had lots of fun kickin' it with my ex, I wasn't going to continue doing anything I knew made my baby uncomfortable.

And I still think that in the OP's case, if her boyfriend really respected her feelings he would stop gabbing with his ex altogether, instead of saying "Well, next time we do talk, I'll let you know." That doesn't really solve anything.
Well, I don't know, but my first reaction is that it doesn't sound good that he can be so nice and "understanding" of people who hurt him and cheated on him and yet he's not understanding of the fact that you, his current girlfriend who is committed to him might be uncomfortable with him talking inappropriately with all these ex's. He's not the most sensitive to your feelings, obviously. I don't think you're too demanding, either as I can imagine it would make me upset if a boyfriend of mine wanted to keep in close touch with his ex, esp. one who cheated on him. Does he have no respect for himself?

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