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Well i had posted a question about this situation i got myself into and i really apprectate all the help, I really cant say 100% percent he did not cheat on me but, i did talk to his friend and he didn't seem to know anything about it and really didn't seem like he was covering anything up, i had a feeling he was telling the truth so that seems to help me, i am starting to believe he actually didn't. But i just feel so stressed out because if he did i dont want to be that stupid girlfriend who is totally oblivious to what her boyfriend is doing. i really love him and he seems very committed and certain about how he wants to stay with me, that is why i am so confused...he never acted to me like he cheated and always told me i had nothing to worry about this girl and he would just be dealing with the baby if it was his. I guess i justed feel so stressed out because the baby is going to be born on Wednesday and i don't know what is really going to happen, my boyfriend is not looking forward to it , he says he scared and didnt want this to happen with this girl. He seems really stressed out and i dont know what to say to him to help him out, i just assure him it's okay and stuff, i guess i just have my own battle in my head over this. Well thanks for taking all your time to read, listen, and help me out here, i guess i could use some more. Well thanks everyone and i guess i will post up here again when i have more news.


Well heres my story in short terms: I have been dating this guy for 8 months now. We have been "liking" eachother for about 6 months before we started dating, well before he was with me he got this girl pregnant, she is gonna have her baby in like 10 days, so you can see how this has been hard for me to deal with and we aren't even 100% sure if the baby is even his. Well he hasn't talked to her much and this girl is known for sleeping around. But my best friends girlfriend told me tonight that she talked to this girl and she told here that my boyfriend and her had sex together like a month ago. And you know what the funny part is...i could see it coming i knew this news was coming, i dont know why but i just knew. I haven't confronted him about it yet, but i will tomorrow, and it just makes me so pissed off because this girl sleeps around with everyone even when she was pregnant she was sleeping around with guys...its almost sickening. I love my guy to death, he was the first guy i could say i really loved, and he swore on my life he would never cheat on me, i want to stay with him but how can i deal with this baby that is coming and how he cheated on me with this girl, i know he is going to deny it over and over again, So where do i go from here i feel like the past 8 months of my life have been a lie and i feel like there couldn't be one honest and faithful guy left on this planet. How do i determine if this rumor is true or not and if it i even forgive him or am i just setting myself up for even more heartbreak???? i am so hurt by this it felt like my world and everything i knew about it has just ended. can anyone give me some advice on what to do in this situation i have gotten myself into???

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