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I thought I was over it (the my boyfriend talking to the ex online thing even though I was uncomfortable with it). I realized I wasn't over it. So the other night we talked again. Come to find out, they were never as serious as I thought they were when they dated!!! I was flipping out when I found out they were in touch again because I [B][U]thought[/U][/B] that in college they were seriously dating for a year, lovey dovey etc.... and she cheats on him with his friend. They get back together a month later, and she cheats on him again with a different friend of his. I'm thinking "what a b#$&!!!!" Then here she is in touch with him 3 years later out of the blue and he's acting like nothing happened and they are friends again.

So, in my mind, they were in love, and she shattered his heart not once, but TWICE!

Well, here's the [B]REAL[/B] story- they were friends since 8th grade. They casually dated for a few months in junior year of high school, she was part of the same group of friends, so they'd all spend time together as a group a lot... not usually 1 on 1. They broke up because she was too busy with school. Got back together a few months later because they really had nothing else to do and liked each others company. Broke up again for another insignificant reason. When they were almost to the point of getting back together again, she "supposidly" had sex with his friend. The friend and the ex both deny it, but my boyfriend thinks they did for some reason.

So..... that changes everything. They never even had sex the whole time they were 'kind of' dating....

and here I am thinking she broke his heart and he was still in contact with her because he was still not over her... or something like that...

It's amazing how your brain will fill in parts of the story that are missing and creates a completely different story in your mind.

So now I dont even dislike this girl. If she was a friend of his, since 8th grade... and they are able to remain friends, that's cool with me.

This still does not take away from the fact that he was flirting online 2 months prior with a different girl (that girl I found out, he was even less serious about, not even friends before or after the 2 months they dated... so he has no reason to talk to her anymore and has cut off all contact with her).

Finally... after 2 weeks, I feel at peace with this whole thing.:bouncing:

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