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[QUOTE=messee84]Your situation sounds very similar to mine. I was with my boyfriend for 3 years and I was his first and only girlfriend. I too was very possessive and didn't really like him being mates with other girls and things. It has recently resulted in him breaking it off because he wants more freedom. From what I know (which isnt much cos we've only spoken once) he's a lot happier. Not because he can get with other women but just because he can experience life in general withou a gf. And I understand that, I always thought he'd feel like that one day and no amount of effort on my part to give him more freedom worked as it was life without me he needed to experience. I think if you are honestly feeling like this you should have some time apart now, prolongong it will only make it harder. She may suprise you in her understanding. I never told my boyf but i always had my doubts and thought about what it would be like to be single or in a different relationship so maybe she could do with some time alone too. What I would not advise you to do is break up with her and jump into being with someone new, just have some time to get to know yourself a bit better, 8 years is a huge amount of time and you probably define yourself by your relationship. You may realise it is her you want for life after all or you may begin to see that she was your first love but not your only one.[/QUOTE]

thanks for your reply. it is very helpful.

just curious, you guys breaking off, have you discussed if there would be any chance for a reunited future?

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