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Thanks for all of your advices.

Whacked: You're right, It's business and this guy still remembers "my buttons" and he pushed and played with them and I allowed him to get the best of me.

Rosequarts: Man, I feel like an idiot for making this mistake. I had a heart-to-heart talk with my fiance last night and I made the decision to give my ex-BF and his family a 5 month notice. They gave me 6 mos in advance, plus cleaning. It's faster to recover financially than cleaning up your credit.

Bulletproof: that was my logic, it was a long time ago and after talking to my fiance last night, it is jealousy mixed with how my ex has treated me in the past. Then he gave me the "what if the tables were turned" and it was him who owns the property... I am going to compromise. He is going to be my husband and I want this marriage to work, I need to start learning how to compromise. Boy, this is going to be tough on my end being used to calling the shots by myself for decades.

Murray: My heart is in the right place and being too nice sometimes makes a sucker out of me. I have a soft heart for children and the elderlies. They are the most vulnerable in our social society and a lot of people take advantage of them. My ex still remembers which buttons to push and he played me to the hilt. Thank you.

Brook: You are right. I guess I was just so tired, not thinking straight and he took the opportunity. I am going to talk to both of them today and give them a 5 month notice, hopefully, they find something by then. I feel like a big dunce. I guess I'm also not used to compromising and having a man pushing for me to doing something I disagree with. The only man I have listened to are my son, my brother and 1 Uncle. Other than that, there hasn't been any "steady" man in my life. But I need to also take my fiance's feelings into consideration. I hope our meeting with my ex and his GF goes well.

Thanks for all of your advices. Compromising with a man is tough. My fiance is not an unreasonable man and with me postponing the wedding, he took it in stride and understood my fear. I know he's not marrying me because of my money, he signed a pre-nuptial agreement not having anything of my assets before the marriage, but he is not asking me to sign a pre-nuptial agreement on this assets. What his is ours is what he's saying. He doesn't ask of anything unreasonble from me, actually, he doesn't ask much of me. I feel loved by this man and I'm upsetting him. I'm still learning. The wedding is in September and we just mailed the invitations. I guess I'm nervous about the wedding too. LOL Okay, gotta get to work. Have a good weekend everybody.


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