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HEy....Wow the other posters gave you some really great advice...I'm afraid I don't have any amazing advice but just wanted to comment...I can relate soo much to that... I understand why you were upset, I've been there many times....That situation can be EXTREMELY akward....and well lol from my experience...when my boyfriend leaves me, to talk to other people, without really worrying or caring that i'm standing completely alone, while everyone else is caught up with something else, I tend to just get upset and not want to be social...(haha when i say this i feel like a brat...but at the time ugh it's soooo upsetting!) So i can really relate....I guess it's my problem though not his, although I know for sure that when i take him out with my old friends I don't just walk away leaving him standing there feeling akward! haha I would wait until he was comfortable (lol although i don't usually have to wait that long since i suppose his social skills are far more developed then mine!) Well sorry to go on and on! Just could really relate! I suppose i'll take the advice of the previous posters!

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