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Re: Space part 2
Aug 4, 2006
thanks everyone and i completely understand each and evrey one of your responses...

now i said the exact same thing to him (before he left).. AND HE BELEIVES IN IT SO MUCH. he actually believes when u let someone go and they come back then THENNNN u can honestly say that they are meant for u. he thinks that this will "help us." so we know for a fact that we are going to be able to spend the rest ofour lives together...and he wont end in divorce. (his whole family has had a history of divorces. uncles, aunties...etc etc) so he is freaked about committment and doesn't want to end in divorce.

he wants to make sure that im the one and by letting me go, he really thinks hell know by doing this. and to him he thinks that although he HAS to do this...that he knows that deep down he thinks i am the one. he said that i wont have to worry, that i will only sleep with noe guy my whole life and that he has no doubts of us getting back together. he said that he is sadden that he met me to soon in his life. he said he had talked with his uncle and him and his uncle agree that because i am faithful, loving, giving and undestanding and all around someone who is a good person to be in a realtionship and spend with... that he met me too soon in his life. that someone he wished he met me later. adn that it sucks that he met "the one" before he got to f' around. (note: we are young).

also my boyfriend admits that he thinks that a realtionship is a game. the past he does stupid things to know i love him...he says its a "test". he said "i got you because i played it is a game.. (and HE WAS ACTUALLY TEARING WHEN HE WAS EXPLAINING THAT HE THOUGH REALTIONSHIPS ARE PLAYED LIKE A GAME!) so i guess this "meant to be" is another test he thinks should be done.

so lastly i said
"ok. ur scared ur going to live in regret thinking what else is our there. but lets say we do break up..and we don't get back together because [I]this is a stupid idea[/I]...then ur going to be thinking "what if she was the one adn i let her go over soemthing stupid.."...isn't that the same thing?"


i guess i ahve to wait till monday. IONO.

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