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THIS is what you call her "past"???? Hahaahha---I'm sorry but are you 15 or something? People do dumb things when they're young, often much, much dumber than this, believe me. Besides, you have nothing to "forgive" her for, really, since she wasn't romantically involved with you at that time. Let it go, it's ridiculous to poison your budding relationship over this. If you keep bringing it up and making your girlfriend feel bad about it, you will for sure drive her away. Concentrate on the present and enjoy your relationship instead. Good luck!
I'm with Sophia - there is nothing here that you need to "forgive" your girlfriend for. The notion is laughable. If she really was so fresh off the farm that she didn't understand what she was doing and the guy pressured her into it, then he is the jerk that needs to be forgiven. Not your girlfriend - that is horrible.

Honestly, just be glad I'M not your girlfriend. If one single instance of oral sex haunts your dreams, my sexual past would probably give you a heart attack. So be thankful - it could be much worse! :D There isn't anything you can do to change the past, so obsessing painstakingly about it will do you absolutely no good. It sounds like you are a little uptight about sex. And even for someone like me, thinking about my boyfriend and his past girlfriends isn't any fun, so I never dwell on it. Just redirect your thoughts elsewhere whenever an unsavory one pops into your brain. Frankly - you just need to get over it. It really is SUCH an insignifigant thing, but you are blowing it out of porportion and letting it run your life. Just chill.
[QUOTE=Lance0204]well, we only assumed that luna was around 15 or so and if this is the case there are still tons of girls who don't give bj's to people in bathrooms. at that age that's just freaky to me..and how do you get "tricked" into it?? sounds like an excuse to me. i would explore other options, especially since luna said he can't get past it. at 15, a bj to someone you hardly know is a red flag to me or at any age for that matter.[/QUOTE]

If it is a big deal your going to have to leave her, you wont just get over it, one time i found out that my girlfriend had a foursome with three guys :dizzy: she was right in telling me that she had been with four guys total, but i couldn't get over the fact that she had sex with three guys in one night, So i left her. but what this guy is talking about is no big deal

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