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Hi, my boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half now and this is probably going to sound ridiculous but it is really becoming a major problem for me. In a nut shell, I am very very selfish and worrisome when it comes to my boyfriend hanging out with his friends. I don't like his friends...they are all in there mid twenties and are the most immature people I've ever met in my life. They don't strike up any sort of conversations with me and they are just loud and obnoxious 24/7. I absolutely cannot stand his very best friend, either.. when I'd only met him a few times he picked the lock while me and my boyfriend were having sex and sat there and laughed at us. We didn't notice for a few minutes and then I had to walk out of the house in front of all his friends after two of them had seen me naked. It was mortifying. What I'm asking is when he decides to go out with his friends, I get very angry because all my friends pretty much ditched me once I knew me and my boyfriend were going to be together forever - they stopped hanging out with me completely. So I'm extremely jealous that he would still...well it's almost like I'm saying I get so mad that he has the nerve to do it to me when I have no friends really - don't get me wrong I have a couple but we can just never find the time to hang out much with our busy schedules. Anyway, I get very upset when he doesn't come over...I want to see him's like I need him every day to feel good about myself and feel appreciated. Whenever we don't see each other for a day most of the time I get very depressed unless I have plans with a friend. Sometimes I even cry. I call him names and get very rude and mean towards him. Instead of wishing him a good time I say things like I hope you meet some stupid you know what and leave me for her - it's 100% me just trying to make him mad and what I want to know is - why do I do this??? I am not crazy just to verify that..I don't follow him around or call him every two seconds it's just whenever the friday night comes that he decides to hang out with his friends instead of me I get so angry and upset that I can't stand it...I had separation anxiety when I was a child for a very long time - could that be what it is to a certain extent? Please someone give me some sort of advice - we have the perfect relationship until like I said he hangs out with his friends - plus his friends will all invite there girlfriends places with the guys but my boyfriend wont even invite me because he knows I hate his friends - are we going to able to work through this? I really can't take it any longer and I know he can't either. Any advice on how to avoid feeling so awful when he doesn't hang out with me would be greatly appreciated.

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