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After getting several dirty looks from people, I discovered from some friends of mine that I occaisonally give an "intense" stare. The stare is not intentional and seems to be interpreted negatively by some (think I am angry or upset), other find it attractive (you have pretty eyes I have been told by others). The intesnisty of my eyes is comming from high anxiety levels (quite literally) which causes hyperarrousabilty of the senses. Think of an animal threatned.....they usually give a piercing stare at the object of their fears or a dazed look like a dear in headlights. Well, normally I am extremely nervous, anxious, and tense but not really afraid. So I don't "look" afraid, but have eyes reflecting intense concentration and awareness (as if scanning for some kind of threat). Thankfully, I've brought my anxiety down to moderate, and looking into the mirror my eyes actually do look more peaceful and calm. However, my medication "wears out" and have no control when (it's random) and I go back to that state. Any thoughts on that? I need to add the dirty stares and compliments about my eyes have all come from women seem to be more aware of this...I don't know why?? Can someone explain what I should do? I mean how am I suppose to know if looking at a girl is freaking her out or sending her a romantic signal when it can merely just my normal look I give anyone.

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