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ok ive posted alot on this website about my break up but i dont think the posts have been really helpful.... ok ill write the whole thing
im 19 my ex is 19 too i really loved her alot ...i loved her so much that id give n e thing to be with her right now ..even after everything she has said and done ....
... well firstly i never intended to love her ... but there was something about her that i really started trusting her and i fell really hard for her ...cuz i used to feel really great wen she used to say things like i was her true love and that we'll never break up...we'll live forever etc etc ..... she used to look at me as if i was the only one she cud see ....n e way i really started loveing her and everything was going fine apart from a few harsh text messages that we used to send each other sometimes for coming late or not answering the phone or acting strangly ... but n e way
so one afternoon i went to her school to meet her she said she'd come out alone cuz i wanted her to because i wanted to give her a gift and kiss her and i wanted it to be a private thing but n e way she came out with her friend and her boyfriend and i was looking from my rearview mirror she was standing there and she hit that guys arm on a flirtious way ...i got pissed off cuz first of all i came all that way to meet her alone and then that flirting thing...... so i said no u hang around with ur friends ill go away and then i passes her and her friends in my car without looking at them and then iwas like i yelled at her andi said i dont want to see you again and i left
later on n e way we chated on the net and there we broke up cuz she said i had a lot of attitude and she was like ill never answer ur phone or see u again in my life
i felt bad and i started calling her i called her for 3 days but she didnt answer i stoped calling her but we used to chat on the internet just about general stuff sometimes like for 5 mins or something but she used to be like im going to see this guy ...ive met this guy i like him but hes going back to his city etc etc
then like 2 days ago i called her at 3pm first she answered the phone and she was like i told u not to call me and she hung up ..i called her again after 10 mins and she said that she doesnt want to talk to me and that she promised her new boyfriend that she will not talk to guys because he doesnt want her to and she was like u can have his number if u want to and she said bye...but i didnt take it ...
n e way at 6 pm she was probably sleeping like usual i messaged her to give me his number but she didnt reply so i called her back at 9 30pm ...she answered the phone with that same "i told u not to" but i told her that i only wanted his number cuz i want to find it myself she was like no i wont give it to u..... but i was like u said u will in the morning ....and then she said "yeh but now i decided that i wont give it to u"..i was like "why".. then she said "i dont want him to know about my past" ... but n e way after that she was like i dont want u back in my life..i hate you etc etc i was like you knowi was really honest with you know i never lied to you ..and i even got that crying tone in my voice for a sec ..and she was listnin to all this silently but she was like "u have lots of attitude and i was like i told u so many times that i was really hurt and i so wanted to give u that kiss that day after a few silent seconds... she hung up the phone cuz her mom was coming in her room and she was like ..i have to go bye bye ill talk to you later

but n e way two days after i gave her a yahoo offline saying

ill just type...firstly i wont say sorry cuz u have no right to say u luv me(no1 luvs by mistake) and then break my heart!! and about that attitude thing ..if i really had one then i still wudnt be messaging u ...i wud have had bad mouthed u long ago and forgotten about you... and about that day, i was really hurt and i was so overwhelmed by my feelings tht i cudnt think much and besides zaara attitude or wat idid tht day is the only way a boy can express his feelings wen he's hurt!! becuz u see this world doesnt really allow us to cry or complain...i cudve told u what iwas feeling then and there but i only tried to cover that i was hurt!!.....if u dont believe this, just go ask ur dad or ur brother, then u'll know that u just let go off someone who loved u more than life...

it doesnt mean that i wudve thrown away my life for u .... but if ever there was a situation where i cud save only one of us...then id let go off myself.....and this is not just a dialogue... i really mean it, this may sound a lie cuz not many ppl will do it... and about tht flirting thing i got pissed becuz off that day ...i learned that its a natural thing with u ppl and sometimes u guys do it there i forgive u..... well n e way im all cleared now..... and i dont know if u deserve so much from someone ... but whatever u are..i loved u...mistake or not!! and if u ever need me at any stage of ur life....ill always be there.

well n e way so she came online afterwards on msn so i was like go read on yahoo iv sent something and she said no my bro has deleted and removed yahoo messenger ( but i know she was online cuz i have a invisible checker)
she went offline after that ...and then i called her 3 times she disconnected
so i sent her a message saying " you're blind, selfish, u only need a guy to amuse ur self ull never belong to n e one"
to this she replied first time after our break up by saying "thank you"
after this i sent another text message saying "i kno u were online but n e way i cleared myself i dunno y ur acting this way bye"
plzz help

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