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My friend has had nothing but problems for about 3 weeks. She has problems with her boyfriend, his kid, her daughter and now bills. I feel bad for her and in between my problems, work, home life and pregnancy I try to help her when I can. She just got into an arguement with her boyfriend over a subject I think was one sided and they broke up. You see both of them have a child from a previous relationship and she always complained that her man would get after her child and not make his own child behave, so she would yell at his kid all the time. She wanted them to act like a family and work together as one but she was always bad mouthing his child and telling me how she yelled at him and how he would cry and was such a whimp! She made a big fuss one day when her boyfriend said he couldn't take time off to take her daughter too the Doctor and a week before that she had refused to bring his child in for a cold because he wasn't her son, so why should she! Anyway I just listened and offered advice if I thought it was safe but kept in mind that I wasn't there to see what goes on nor do i know both sides of the story. She also likes to surprise people. Most people talk about marriage and kids before hand, but not her. She goes with someone and than after about a year she turns to him and says, we have been together for this long it's time we start talking about getting engaged! This of course shocks the heck out of the guys and they run for the hills! Anyway with all these problems I am trying to keep my composure and stress level down and still trying to be enjoy my pregnancy and upcoming surprise shower and yet I feel guilty if I am happy about something or if I have to stay away because things with her are getting too intense. Am I wrong or selfish to want to hide and just be happy with things in my life even when she is having a hard time now. She didn't have a problem moving on or even being there for me when I was having a hard time, but I didn't tell her much because I hate pushing things off onto others!

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