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Re: Wife cheated
Aug 10, 2006
ok well i would like to say i got with my bf young , 18 he was 23 at the time when i was 20 or so ,i started going out getting into the party scene and i cheated . my bf is everything to me always has been i got caught up in the moment of nothing with someone else .went against everything i ever thought i would do , was always very strong and level headed about things .but i had never been in a serious relationship he had , he was ready to settle down and i didnt know what was going on i convinced myself that he was distant from me even though it was the other way around..... so i told him the truth about everything leaving nothing out not blaming him for anything .evntho there were some probs in our relationship it still didnt give me the right .anyways i am hear to say we talked it over and worked through it slowly ,talking about the things that led up that point apologizing to wits end .i broke his heart but time heals .we've now been together 5 yrs and have a child together , we just stuck by each other he and i both know it will never happen again ., so i guess what i am trying to say is there is hope for u i think she needs to fess up to the whole thing and be willing to work through it .u may never forget but u have to see her and ur relationship for the love u have . ur married for God sake .... believe or not we actually joke about it sometimes and he still lets me go out with my friends and everything if u have any shred of hope then i say go for it .but its honestly her move to make .

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