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Re: Space part 3
Aug 11, 2006
This is the most retarded thing I've ever heard in my entire life. Every single time you post, I sit here and wonder whether you're really this stupid or if you're just kidding. Anyone who would even remotely consider staying with a guy after EVERYTHING he has said and done to you seriously must hate themselves more than anything, and I'm starting to lose sympathy for you in a big way.

I felt bad for you at first, because it seemed like you honestly wanted some advice from people here. And you've gotten a ton - A TON - of really, really great advice from some of the wisest people here on this message board. Some of it was stuff that I truly wish I would have heard in the past to prevent me from making mistakes in the past. Some of you guys who post here are truly awesome and your advice is better than anything I've ever heard before.

That being said, you keep getting this great advice, and you're not listening. You're not paying attention. You really don't care what we're telling you because you're hating yourself and treating yourself like absolute and total crap. So, if you're treating yourself like crap, then why should this loser guy treat you any differently? Until you stand up for yourself and really believe that you deserve respect in a relationship, you will keep having these kinds of problems with guys. Because guys will always take advantage of you if you let them, unless they're truly a great guy - which there is no question that this particular guy is the biggest loser that ever walked the face of the earth. But yet you're fighting to keep him and you keep talking to him hoping to salvage some sort of relationship. It's a waste of your time and it's a waste of everyone else's time here who has tried to help you because you won't listen.

So, do what you want. Go ahead and be his fake girlfriend for as long as you want. Keep chasing after him, which is going to make you look desperate and needy. Go ahead. But I can guarantee that your life is going to suck, and when you get older you're going to be kicking yourself for being so stupid for staying even a second longer with some idiot loser guy who is using you. Because that's all this is. There is no love here at all. None.

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