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[QUOTE=minijumbofly]I am the living example of an INTP described by Veronica Mars earlier. I will testify to the accuracy of what she described in her post. If your BF is an INTP, that would explain a lot.

Not only do I rarely compliment others, I don't take compliments well somethimes and I never need it.

In things that I'm sure about, I am so confident that it is down right errogant at times. This annoys my wife to no end.:blob_fire :D

The only doubt I see here is that I don't spend much time in front of the mirror. Anyway, I don't think this should come between you unless he starts to nit pick at you too.[/QUOTE]

Hey, I bet we'd get along! I had to laugh when you said that you don't need ego stroking but are nonetheless VERY confident about the things you feel good at...that sounds just like my boyfriend! In general he's really laidback and low maintenance, but he gets downright cocky when he's golfing, making sure I know exactly how good it is when he hits an especially good shot. And he doesn't take compliments well at all, like you're supposed to, by just saying thank you. But like you said, some people don't need compliments from others, so it makes sense that they aren't inclined to give them out. It is true too what Chieftan said that it's not particularly appealing when people seem to really want or need compliments.

Anyway, some people really don't place a lot of importance on complimenting others, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they care any less than people who do compliment you a lot. If anything, I am suspicious of people who compliment me all the time, other than my mom :). But with my boyfriend, it doesn't really bother me that he doesn't spend a lot of time telling me I look good or complimenting my intellect, because I am pretty confident about those things and anyway, other people compliment me. I know that he likes these things about me anyway without him having to say it, he makes it obvious how he feels.

HOWEVER, some people are just not comfortable being in a relationship with someone unless they get a lot of verbal feedback. If you are one of those people and your guy is by nature not a very verbally expressive person, then this might continue to bother you. My best advice is not to worry and to remember that if he did not really like you and feel strongly about you, he wouldn't be your boyfriend and treat you well. And talk is cheap! There are plenty of men out there who will sweet talk you like crazy but not mean any of it or else be out saying the same things to a lot of other women. In my opinion as long as you love each other and he treats you lovingly, there's no reason to focus on what he doesn't do. Hopefully it will all work out well for you...good luck.

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