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I know he is not lying to me, because his mother has expressed the same feelings about his girlfriend that he expresses to me. I know his mother would not lie about something like that, and she dislikes his girlfriend as much as he does. So thats not an issue with me.

And I am not having fun at the expense of someone else: he is. This is his relationship, not mine. And for the record, I have been cheated on in the past. I know how it feels, but I know how it feels when it wasn't warranted. He has expressed to his gf what would happen if the behaviour and treatment continued...she doesn't care.

I'm not wrong, I'm not doing anything bad...I am just having a fling with a coworker. I'm not cheating, he is.
I was in a relationship years ago. In my eyes, he was the one. I am happily married now, but I still think of him often. He cheated on me by lying about where he was going on vacation. He was supposed to be with family, but was really with some girl on a ski trip in utah. Her family was well to do and actually owned the whole ski resort. I found out accidently at a party, as he had blabbed to mutual friends prior to leaving. Upon his return, I confronted him. He told me that it was a miserable time because she had completely ignored him the whole trip after he had confessed that he had a girlfriend and had lied to her (me) about where he was going. To this day, if I ever met her I would shake her hand and buy her a drink for supporting a girl she didn't even know and standing on her principles. I have not and would never date another man's girlfriend/wife because I don't want that done to me and because as a basic rule, I believe in finishing something before starting something else. I am not condemming you, as the previous post suggests, it's more on him than on you....but remember that it really is true...what goes around comes around.
tyger and tana bear i can relate to yous and relate to the girlfriends since right now im in a relationship right now 5 years we have our 3 year old togther and have our apartment togther i would be sooo hurt if my fiance cheated on me. but like i said i can relate to yous too because when i was 17 i was seeing a guy he was 21 and had a live in girlfriend he was with her for 5 years when me and him met. at first i said the same things yous are saying its for fun i didnt care and of coarse i blamed it all on her well hes saying she doesnt cook right or they dont sleep togther or like guys like to say she nags to much same lines as these guys are telling yous. and another thing he would say well were like roommates we dont even sleep in the same bed he s;ept on the couch she slept in the bed. i would even stay at his house on the weekends while she visited with her family an hour away. the only thing is i wasnt a secret his friends knew about me and even his mother they didnt even care. but the fun part ended i was falling in love with him after 7 or 8 months of seeing him. after awhile i told him its me or her i couldnt take it anymore he promised me that he was gonna give her a month to move out than he would be with me for good i was so excited. well a month went by guess whos still living there so i got really sneaky i found out her last name my mom helped me to when we finally called the operator and found out her parents number i called her and we talked for hours on the phone. i found out everything that he said he lied he didnt sleep on the couch he slept with her. and he never gave her a month to get out she thought she was the only girl in his life. but she end up moving out with her parents than me being stupid thought well now i can have him since shes deffintly out of the picture well yous know that saying that everyones using on here what goes around comes around well that happend to me i was finally his girlfriend and he cheated on me our relationship ended after 2 years i was 19 when i finally got common sence and now very happy in my relationship of 5 years were getting married in a year and i will never hurt anyone like that again i had to learn the hard way by talking to his girlfriend and being cheated on by him to.and the funny thing is me and his ex now still talk once in awhile she is a very nice person she wasnt anything like he said she was. so i say if you feel like you need to talk to this guys girlfriend than yeah tell her. i hope my experience helps out both you girls and remember there are nice guys out there for yous but you have to let the jerks go first before yous find him.
everybodys right even if he leaves his gf or if she finds out and moves out that if yous end up togther that he wont cheat on you because he cheated on his gf your no diffrent if he really cared about you he would leave now he doesnt have a ring there not married he can tell her that hes not happy and be with you but hes not. i wish i knew about these message boards when i was 17 or 18 and when i was with this guy because alot of advice your getting is good and i wouldnt of been with him for 2 years and wasted my life on him.i learned the hard way i got back with this guy a few weeks after they broke up he gave me this really bad line that he was glad i told her he couldnt he didnt want to hurt her stuff i beleaved him i was 18 young and naive. so than i was his girlfriend thought i was the only girl in his life and i was for the first month after we first got togther after they broke up guess i got old very quick. i found out after i let him use my car my mom just bought for me he asked if he can use it for a few hours at the time i didnt care. a few days later i went in my trunk for something found a highheel in my trunk it wasnt mine i dont keep my shoes in my trunk of my car. thats how i found out he was cheating on me. thats why i agree with everybody else if they truly love you they would leave there gf for you. expecially you said they dont even live togther so they dont have bills or anything togther thats tying them togther where he feels stuck or anything. hes just a loser. and your worried about your friends knowing what you did if they were your real friends they woulndt want you to be hurt if there gonna get mad at you for that there not your real friends.

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