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Ok, this might be long so I'll break it up for you.
BACKGROUND: My husband Paul works a seasonal job, he has been there for eight years. Another guy named Justin started working there about three years ago. They became fast friends and have been doing odd jobs together in the winter. (IE. re-doing Justins porch, fixing my truck at Justins).
SITUATION: We went to his annual clam bake. Justin's girlfriend kept breaking her neck turning around staring at Paul, not acknowledging me or anyone else at the table. Finally her adn Justin came over to the table and were bsing. Then it came time for door prizes. Everyone got up and left. Justin got up and walked out, she didn't get up, so I did, and Paul finally. But she didn't start walking she just stood there, so i walked past her, but paul didn't, then he just stood there. Then very slowly she started walking then paul did. Justin turned around and gave her a look like "what the hell...come on".
PROBLEM: To me it looked like she wanted to say something to him in private, and like he knew it and didn't want to talk. Now, i am thinking what the hell is going on? Did he cheat with her or one of her friends? Whats the secret? If it is nothing then why did this happed? To be fair i am a jealous person, with OCD and depression.
OPINION: Am I reading to much into this? Do I have a reason to be worried? Up until this day i never thought he would cheat, but now i wounder what is up.

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