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Just a little more information and a response to the two other posts. :) Well, my bf was overweight when I first met him. I would guess he was maybe right around 300 when I met him. But since that time more than two years ago, he's gained more than 30 pounds. I agree that maybe it could be something medical. His dad is pretty fit and is not overweight at all. His older brother (by about 1.5 years) is also overweight, too. I am worried about my bf because my brother was also very overweight and developed adult onset diabetes because of the weight. My brother has since gotten lost a lot of weight but now has a permanent insulin pump attached to his side. I don't want this to happen with my bf. I really do worry about his health, but when I tell him about my medical concerns, he doesn't seem too concerned himself.

Another worry that I have is that soon we will be going our separate ways...temporarily. My bf just graduated from law school and I will be graduating from the same law school in about a month. His plan is to move to the Chicago area because he just took the July bar and will be waiting for his bar results and looking for a job. I will be moving back home to CA, where I plan to take the bar. Anyways, the separation will hopefully be temporary because he plans on taking the CA bar in February or I might take the IL bar in February. During this time apart, I really won't be able to help him or even monitor the weight loss. I worry that since he'll be in the Chicago area, the lure of all the different types of foods will get to him and he will gain more weight. How can you refuse Chicago deep dish pizza? :D But seriously, I want this to work between us but I don't know how I can take it if we're far apart and he is still neglecting his health.

In a way, my bf is stubborn and I realize that if he wants to lose weight, it will be up to him. I've suggested going to a doctor, but he doesn't have the health insurance right now to see one. To give you an idea of how my bf can be stubborn when it comes to doctors, I don't even think he would let his parents examine him, and his parents are both doctors!! yes, it is quite frustrating.

Should I just live with his weight or should I keep on encouraging him to lose it, only to be disappointed and frustrated when he doesn't?

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