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Ex-boyfriend's mate
Aug 16, 2006
I've been friends with my ex-boyrfriend for months now. We have even talked about what our 'relationship' was. We both had an understanding that it was catching up, going out, usually with mutual friends and usually spending the night together. I told him it would not continue when/if I found someone new. He understood that I wanted a relationship. I thought that was all cool. But I think I have crossed the line, and what has happened is too close to home. I have become close to one of his mates, and last weekend we kissed, and the ex-boyfriend saw us, and exploded. I went back to the mates place, I couldn't drive home, too much to drink, and this is a problem for me. Anyway after a while we ended up in bed together and the ex came around, peering in his window, and started yelling at us, banging on the window, it was horrible. I have been told not to contact the ex-boyfriend again, and the mate, well they will never be mates again. I don't know at this stage if it was just a one night stand or it can be more. I feel very sad that I have hurt the ex's feelings, because it was not done intentionally, but also confused that he reacted so strongly. Was this just because it was his mate? The mate is not sorry it happened, but I feel badly that they are now not mates. Am I really out of control, am I just looking in sex what I should be looking within myself, happiness. I'm at breaking point. Please help.

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