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Guys like to just hang with one another - it's awesome that your boyfriend has not only a brother but a friend in him and he feels most comfortable with him.

You are not jealous, just upset or curious why he won't spend that amount of time with you. It's not you,...... He just likes his guy time, even if it mean that they did nothing but watch T.V.

My son is almost 18 :eek: , he has a girlfriend but NOW since raising a boy, teenager turing into a man I'm seeing first hand that guys really just want to hang and do nothing.............LOL

I could go on and on with stories that I have learned from my own child.............I have said on occasions to my son, gzz - if only I had you when I was ummm like 10 :D I could have saved myself alot of trouble with the guys I dated...............THEY REALLY DO LIKE TO JUST HANG WITH THE GUYS AND JUST DO STUPID THINGS....and have their Mothers make them lots of FOOD..................:dizzy:

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