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Hey everyone this may be sorta long so please bear with me. I have been going back out with my girlfriend for a good month or so now after she cheated on me with a different guy. She pretty much found out the other guy was a complete jerk after he said some stuff about her that wasn't true. So we have been going back out for a month or so now, but I'm not takeing the chance of falling into another trap. I'm not sure if she really loves me like she says she does. Here's what I got off her that makes me wonder if she is telling the truth or not. She tells me she loves me at least once a day maybe a few more times and actully looks into my eyes when she says it, but when I tell her I love her only sometimes does she actully look into my eyes like she is serious. Sometimes she will just kinda do the turn the head quick say I lvoe you quick and look back and smile sorta thing. Sometimes it's a real soft I love you without looking at you. Sometimes it's keeping eyes glooed to tv and saying I love or or changeing the subject after I told her I loved her. It varies day to day. We use to always cuddle a lot we still do now, but not as much. Somtimes she yells at me for getting to close to her when we are laying down watching T.V. or a movie. More positive things, she does somtimes tell me she loves me first and actully looks into my eyes or she will just outa random send me a text message over her cell phone, but that rarely happens anymore. She likes to get intimate a lot and even goes as far as having sex with me. I ask her if this is what she really wants or if she is just doing it to please me and she says it's what she really wants. I mean it's strange I will ask her if there is anything wrong and I ask her to be honest and I ask her if she really loves me and she always responds in the positive. I just can't tell though if she is telling the truth and I really don't know what to do. I mean I love her so much and she knows that, but I don't know if she is just telling me what I want to hear or what I'm so confused. Can someone lend some advice thankyou.

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