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Just for the record, this is a follow up of another post where I had asked the question of what I should do with the last date I had with my GF. She moved to college sat aug. 19th, and we pretty much decided to be friends. You can read that post for more info about that.


Well, I got my night with my sweetheart and it was great. I just want to thank you guys for helping decide what to do with her. We had an awesome time and I wouldn't take it back for nothing.

Here is what we did. I arrived at her house at about 1pm fri, and she was in a bad mood. Not because of me, but just from being stressed about getting everything ready to move. She was kind of tyring to be slow about getting ready, but I didn't rush her. Luckily she had gotten a shower already and I didn't have to wait for that. I was greatful, because I was really impatient at the time. I wanted this night to be awesome.

She got dressed finally and we headed for my truck. She looked beautiful, and I opened the door for her. She lives in a cow pasture, so there was a small ride down the dirt road. When we got to the cattle gap (end of the drive), I stopped the truck for a second. I told her that this was her night, and that I had been looking forward to it for a while. I told her that I hoped she enjoyed it, and that she remembered it forever. She agrreed that she too had been anticipating, and that was that.

We headed to town and we ate at longhorn steakhouse. I had let her decide, and we originally planned to eat at a japanese steakhouse, but they didn't open untill 4:30pm. I told her we prolly wouldn't have time to wait, so she said we could go to Longhorn. We sat down-no wait because it was only like 3:45 in the afternoon. We got our food and everything went great. We talked a little and we both tryed to supress the tears to no avail, lol.

After we were done there, I took her back towards home where I had left my boat parked at the fire station. She asked what we were doing, and I said you'le see. I pulled out a bathing suit (I had grabbed it at her house and she didn't know it) and told her to put that on. We headed for the lake and we put the boat in at about 6 pm. We headed out and I let her drive, since I kinda hog the boat sometimes and she never gets too. She loved that. I told her where to go and we cruised over to an island that was kind of secluded. we then beached the boat and we swam a little bit.

I saw that the sun was approaching the trees and I told her to come on out of the water. We put a blanket down on the beach and we sat there and watched the sunset. We talked for about three hours, after the sun finally set. We talked about our relationship status and the pros and cons of staying together. We talked about alot of things but once again we both arrived at the decision that it wasn't going to work for us as acouple while she was at college. I took out the wine, and some glasses. I told her that this was a very special occasion and that we were going to have wine. I told her that she was going to have to come up with a toast because this was her night. She said, with tears, in her eyes, this is to the best friendship that anyone will ever know, no strings attached. She vowed that even if she sarted dating someone else, they would have to deal with it because she still talked to me everynow and then.

After we drank the wine, I pulled out the cd player and put in a cd that I had made for her. I play guitar and sing too, and I can do some pretty good versions of some country stuff. She loves my guitar playing and always wants to hear it. Right after we had first started dating, she was laying on my bed one night and I played her a Garth Brooks song called "she's every woman". She absolutely melted. I had recorded this song as well as some others I know, and I started the CD. She started crying almost imediatly, and it was just great. She couldn't believe that I had done that.After a few of the ones that I had recorded played, some normal songs came on. I asked her if she would dance with me and I wish you all could have seen the light in her eyes. We danced in the very thin water right there on the beach for about an hour while about 10 songs played I guess. If you have ever heard of kenny chesney's the good stuff, that did it for her. While I was dancing with her and that song played, I told her that "this was the good stuff" I thought she would never let go of me.

We layed back down on the blanket and we talked for a little longer. soon it was approaching 10 pm and we had to get going to the house. We got home and we went inside, we both took a shower (together) and we did the obvious for about 2 hours or so. After we were done, I told her that I had a gift for her. It was just a box, and it had several things that I had gotten for her. Inside was a Picture that I had drawn of one of her portraits. I made her a desk name plate thing That said her name with "Dr." in front of it. (she is going to college to be a DR). I read her a three page letter that I had written and that was about it. I also got her some roses and a card. We didn't have much time left because she had a curfew OF 1am. I Layed down with her one last time and tried my best to comfort her because we were both having a tough time. I told her that this was about it for the old us, and she lost it. she said she didn't want to hear me say that and that she wanted to do it all over again. then I really thought she wasn't gonna let go.

It was great. That night could not have been any better no matter what. Tahnk you to all of you who were involved with the first topic. Thanks again, John

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