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Thanks for the replies everyone.

I'm honestly very confused right now, I can honestly say I'm not even sure if I love her or not. Sometimes I believe I do, other times, I can't even believe I'm with her. I can honestly say... I'm not sure if I am happy with her or not.

In the back of my mind... I still am dreaming of a totally different type of girl.

For some reason, my "girlfriend" reminds me of my mom... I feel safe around her, she is always there for me, is there to support me and things. Hard to describe.

She is always saying "sometimes i feel as if i love you more than you love me, because you don't do this and that"

Honestly, I cannot picture my life without her... I'm able to talk to her about anything and everything and nothing bothers her... I've never been that close to anyone in my life.

The problem is... we've been together almost 6 months now, and she is really wanting to get married and things... she does have very strong feelings for me and when we came close to breaking up before, she wouldn't eat, she cried all the time, etc. I don't want to put her through all the pain because I do care about her a lot.

I'm just scared if we do break up.. it could be the biggest mistake of my life and i may never find anyone like her again. I've had very bad luck with dating.

I've been approved for a home loan, I have a stable job and have a decent car and I'm planning on buying a house within a year or two, and I would really like to settle down with someone soon. I'm ready to start my life.

My "dream" girl would be a little on the quite side, not a big social person, and would be attractive to me. I don't care about her career, college, etc. I've been looking for that for years, and sure, I flirt with some girls like this and even go on a few dates... but it never goes anywhere.

I don't know what I'm going to do... I'm not sure if this is what I want or not... and sometimes I'm sure it's not... but at the same time, I think there is a huge difference between what someone want's and need's.

The problem is... even though I am with Elizabeth... I still feel lonely sometimes, I still "dream" about things, and when I'm with my friends and things.. I often think to myself "I wish I had a girl like that" but since I have such a low self condifence, I often think I can't do any better than what I have.

Even my mom has told me I could do "better" and a lot of my family admitted they do not like Elizabeth and think I can do "much better" and EVEN ELIZABETH told me she said I could get almost any girl I want if I had more confidence, and she's often worrying about me leaving her for another girl who is ready to settle down like I am because she still has several years in college and has banks running after her for bills.

I know the type of person I want to be with... I know exactly what I'd like to have... but I just don't know if I can find that.

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